Open Workshop

In Open Workshop, everyone is welcome. This group allows people to express themselves through the variety of mediums and skills offered such as jewellery making, t-shirt printing, book binding and soap and candle making amongst other techniques. EYW runs this Program with a firm belief in Creative Therapy to enrich cultural value within the community. Open Workshop encourages individuals to embrace their artistic expression by providing a supportive environment that is free of judgement.
Thursday nights, 5:3-7pm and 7.30-9pm.

Big Screen

Everyone loves a movie. Sunday nights are dedicated to movies and discussion. World movies, series and movies that make you laugh, cry and reflect. It’s a chilled night with good company, popcorn and its free!
First Sunday of every month at 6pm.

XO Records

This initiative is more than just a recording studio- it is an empowerment studio especially for those who may be socially isolated. XO records allows young people to communicate their story through the popular medium of music in a healthy and nurturing environment. Using lyrics and a beat, young people are able to start a process of healing that is interchangeable and relatable.