Fine Arts

The Arts play a huge part in emotional, mental and spiritual expression. At EYW, we give the opportunity for young people to tap into how their life experiences and life journeys have affected them. This program not only exposes hidden talent but gives opportunities for further casework and counselling. Artworks include painting, bookbinding, photography, jewellery making, and graffiti art, sculpture and mixed media.

XO Records

This initiative is more than just a recording studio – it is an empowerment studio especially for those disengaged from society. XO Records allows young people to communicate their story through the popular medium of music in a healthy and nurturing environment. Using lyrics and a beat, young people are able to start a process of healing that is interchangeable and relatable.

Big Screen

Every Sunday night at Exodus Rockdale from 7.30pm, EYW has a movie night, which is played on the big screen. These movies aim to explore different eras and stories that challenge the audience to think differently about human rights, cultures, technology, family relations, religion and friendships. Debates and conversations are usually stimulated after the movie to discuss what the audience thought of the theme and message behind the film.

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