Supporting young people to make a change


This program aims to engage with young members of the community who are seen as unemployable or untrainable. By teaching them basic skills and ethics of the workplace, a young person is equipped with the confidence and the abilities to become employable. Upon completion of the individual’s engagement with the program, a professional CV will be created and assistance in seeking employment is provided.


Every Monday night at Exodus Rockdale, EYW opens its doors to a night of complete honesty and freedom of speech. This is a night of thought-provoking discussions, amusing activities and nail-biting debates on controversial social issues. We also have special guests sharing their personal stories of hardships and triumphs. If you are 16 or older, outspoken and love to vent, or even if you are a quiet observer, come join us. Doors open 6pm & the meeting starts 8.30pm.

Exodus Bible Study

Every Tuesday night at Exodus Rockdale, the young people get together to share thoughts in the Christian faith. This group serves as a judgement-free environment where young people aged 21-40 to openly discuss challenges they are facing in this society. EBS is a group where all young people are invited to speak, share, pray and encourage others through life’s journey. Doors open at 7pm, meeting starts at 7.30pm.

Big Screen

Every Sunday night at Exodus Rockdale from 7.30pm, EYW has a movie night, which is played on the big screen. These movies aim to explore dierent eras and stories that challenge the audience to think dierently about human rights, cultures, technology, family relations, religion and friendships. Debates and conversations are usually stimulated after the movie to discuss what the audience thought of the theme and message behind the film.

Freedom Project

One of our visions at EYW is to see everyone who is struggling with any addiction to attain ultimate freedom and be given the opportunities to reach their own potential. This program provides a safe and welcoming community support group that oers individuals and their families’ guidance, prevention strategies and education in drug and alcohol recovery.

XO Records

This initiative is more than just a recording studio – it is an empowerment studio especially for those disengaged from society. XO Records allows young people to communicate their story through the popular medium of music in a healthy and nurturing environment. Using lyrics and a beat, young people are able to start a process of healing that is interchangeable and relatable.


EYW provides tutoring for students who still attend school, but just need a bit of extra help with studying for exams or working on assignments. The program focuses on their strengths and promotes a healthy attitude towards learning, while encouraging differentiated and creative learning techniques. EYW also provides study groups for university and TAFE students.

Families Matter

Families Matter is an initiative designed to support and provide knowledge in all matters relating to family. The aim is to help people create cooperative and tolerant relationships in all facets of life, and ultimately build a stronger foundation for family life. Workshops are held consistently on topics including early childhood parenting, teenage parenting, couple relationship, marriage, divorce, domestic violence, anxiety and depression.


The CAOS program takes place every Monday night at St Abanoub and the Apostles Coptic Orthodox Church in Blacktown. It provides African / Australian young people from dicult backgrounds with a holistic program that educates them about their heritage and their Christian religion creating a strong sense of community. CAOS aims to empower those young people to seek out a better life for themselves and make healthy life choices.

Creative Arts

The Arts play a huge part in emotional, mental and spiritual expression. At EYW, we give the opportunity for young people to tap into how their life experiences and life journeys have aected them. This program not only exposes hidden talent but gives opportunities for further casework and counselling. Artworks include painting, bookbinding, photography, jewellery making, and graffiti art, sculpture and mixed media.


This program addresses the wellbeing of the body, soul, mind and spirit. Individualised programs are created to equip young people with skills on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. This includes professional life coaching, introduction to physical training regimes, mental health assistance and a reconnection with spirituality. Direction and encouragement are two key elements that EYW can oer for those searching to better themselves and make positive changes in their lives.


As much as holidays are a time to relax and take timeout from school, they can get boring. During school holidays, EYW runs a program at the Exodus Rockdale location for young people in Year 7-10. This program creates opportunities for school goers to make friends from other schools and communities, while engaging in a range of activities that encourage both teamwork and independence.

Humanity Worx

Every first and third Wednesday of the month at Exodus Granville, participants are offered workshops in drama/theatre skills, spoken word poetry workshops, and are given a platform for arts, music, short film, blog and mentoring. These workshops focus on finding similarities between different races, religions, faiths, cultures, and beliefs. The aim is to build tolerance, acceptance and harmony among young people.


This is one of EYW’s most exciting and active programs. People from all over Sydney come together on the second Wednesday of every month at Exodus Granville to witness incredible talent on stage. This is a great platform for artists to display their talents and use an emotional outlet through song or spoken-word poetry. If you love to sing, perform spoken word poetry, or love watching both, than this is definitely the program for you. Come along to either share your talent or participate as an audience member. Performances start at 7.30pm. Pick up can be arranged from Exodus Rockdale and Granville station.


The Refugee and Newly arrived Migrants Support Group is an independent project for all the refugee and newly arrived young people in the Rockdale area. NAP can specifically cater to young refugee mothers who are in Australia with no support system and have diculties understanding how to integrate into society in a new foreign country. The program also assists with diculties such as language barriers and culture shock, with a primary focus on giving new arrivals the skills and knowledge on how to be independent in Australia.


TANGO runs every Wednesday from 4pm-8pm at the Exodus Rockdale location for 11-16 year olds. EYW aims at creating an atmosphere that encourages and fosters skills and talents, and teaches young people to realise their potential in a social and safe setting. Here, young people have the chance to openly make new friendships and share the struggle they experience in the transition from childhood to adulthood. To be able to acknowledge that they are all on the same journey is vital to their self-esteem and to the discovery of who they are becoming as young adults.

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