Exodus Youth Worx only assists drug users


Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief

Exodus Youth Worx only assists drug users.

Actually Exodus Youth Worx’s work in assisting young people with drug problems plays a very small part in its day- to-day relations.

Yes we do assist and refer young people with drug issues to other agencies for specialised assistance and we offer ongoing support to those wanting to free themselves from addiction, but in fact it is just one of the 17 programs that we provide therefore making it a tiny 5% of our overall service. To give you a snapshot of the other 95% it includes:

  • Short term and long term housing for young people who may be at risk of homelessness
  • Assistance in finding employment and providing skills to get ‘job ready’
  • Professional counseling
  • Support in mental health issues
  • Offering great community based events and programs
  • University and TAFE placements for students studying in the community services sector
  • Mentoring and fellowship
  • Youth case work and support
  • Tutoring and educational support in primary / high school and Tertiary education courses
  • Assistance to new overseas arrivals and refugees
  • Community networking
  • Spiritual direction and leadership
  • Youth outreach & support
  • Weekly connect meetings

So this belief is FALSE because Exodus Youth Worx is not only all about drugs!

Check out the full list of programs!