Wide research (Cavill and Co 2001) has shown that over 70% of customers would prefer to purchase a product from a business that supports a worthy cause, with over 50% willing to switch from their normal brand. There is no denying that community conscious businesses receive favor from customers and therefore serves as a great marketing tool. Being in partnership with Exodus Youth Worx is a great opportunity for you to raise your business’ profile

With all that EYW aims to do, we find ourselves very under-resourced as most of our funds mainly come in the form of donations from the community and the small enterprise projects we run.

Unfortunately, after costs and expenditure, we find that some days are not profitable for EYW and may in fact end up costing the organisation, putting us in deficit. We are inviting you to help in our mission of serving the youth of the community!

What are ways that businesses can help?

  • Mentoring a young person in the workplace by providing work experience
  • Supplying items that may be able to cut down on our costs
  • Regular donations that assist the progress of our programs
  • Purchasing our Worth Water in your business

In return for your loyalty and support, Exodus Youth Worx will proudly market your products in various ways in order to allow your product to reach a wide number of different demographics.
We will create a personal advertisement for your business on our website and bi-monthly newsletter, distribute your business cards and have a sign advertising your products at our regular fundraising events.

Not only will marketing your business with us increase the awareness of your products but it also serves as a technique that allows customers to know that you are conscious of the community’s needs.

For more details and information please email daz@exodusyouthworx.org.au or call our office on 9597 4330