Our Mission

Exodus Youth Worx is a diverse youth community, which aspires to empower young people through a holistic approach to everyday living. Exodus Youth Worx offers fellowship and guidance through various activities that provide youth with a positive and constructive network and environment. We offer services that support and encourage emotional, physical, mental, social and spiritual growth through the teachings of Christ.

Our History

In 2003, six individuals sought a way to address the sense of displacement and loss of identity with in the Coptic community, particularly among the youth.

These young people were:

  • too misunderstood to feel accepted in their own community
  • blatantly not accepted or noticed
  • youth who may have also lost their faith
  • embracing a lifestyle that may be potentially harmful to themselves and those around them.

It was decided that a fortnightly meeting at Sydney’s Tempe Park would be a casual enough area to begin engaging with these young people. The park provided some shelter and seating where casual yet structured discussions took place. The objective of these talks was to:

  • stimulate a discussion that would inspire the youth to talk about the real and relevant issues that ultimately mattered to them.
  • motivate the youth to talk about their own relevant problems and interests. For example, a discussion about relationships would be brought to the table, and the talk would eventually bring up issues concerning sex and sexuality.
  • provide an avenue for topics that were considered taboo in the community where opinions, disagreements and openness were usually not encouraged.

The numbers were increasing and the meetings were going on into the late hours of the night. It’s success started to see different types of people, not just youth – there were also single mothers, others who had mental health issues and drug addiction that would also attend these meetings – this became a meeting for anyone and everyone, in a setting that was comfortable and free from judgement.

Eventually enough money was raised to be able to rent a small apartment where these meetings could be held and the rest is history…

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